Innovations in Modern Education


Teaching Children at Home

Before the advent of government education programs, all children who received any formal education were schooled at home by parents or tutors. There were few standards to be met, and the choice of subjects and advancement was controlled solely by the parents. In the last century, civilization has become much more complex. This required parents as well as governments to consider education as many youngsters as possible to keep up with the changes the world was experiencing.

Parents who disagree with the curriculum or the social atmosphere of a school district have always had the option to send their children to private schools, but many districts frowned on them schooling their children at home. They made it difficult to take children out of public school unless they were transferring to another educational institution, and parents in many areas had to fight for the right to home school their children. Today’s parents are given as much assistance as possible if they want to teach their own children at home.

Following a set curriculum has become mandatory in many countries, and parents who teach their own children have the same standards they must meet. Books are now widely available in hardback or online for parents who wish to teach at home, but their children must take the standard tests to prove they have learned the material. Schools of all grades usually set aside a room for home schooled children in their district to take their standard tests, and many offer class days for those who need extra assistance for learning a particular subject.

Cost cutting has become an important part of many educational institutions, and parents who are willing to bear the brunt of the workload for education are now welcome. They are seen as a school resource that does not have a price tag attached, and their children are educated as well as those who attend regular classes at school.